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At Emerald Sod Farms, we strive to give our customers the freshest grass sod possible and we take pride in delivering top-quality sod delivery and installation services to enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor space. We provide services for a wide range of customers and projects – from a homeowner transforming a lawn to a landscaper working on a commercial project, we’ve got you covered with a variety of Colorado sod products and options. Explore our wide range of premium sod types and we’ll help you transform your lawn, field, or landscape to stand out in any Colorado setting. 

Colorado Sod Near You

Emerald Sod Farms is committed to providing excellent turfgrass sod products and services across the state of Colorado. Our team of sod experts is confident we can change your landscape to be lush and beautiful. 

The Best Sod Types for Colorado - Emerald Sod Farms

Denver Metro Area

From the heart of the city of Denver to the surrounding neighborhoods and suburbs, Emerald Sod Farms is your trusted source for premium sod in the Denver metro area.

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Front Range

Our expert sod team is here to help transform your Colorado Front Range landscape into a lush and vibrant oasis. Our high quality sod products and professional turf installation services ensure a resilient lawn that thrives in the Front Range climate.


Rock Mountain Regions

Get ready to elevate your environment with a stunning, low-maintenance lawn that is perfectly tailored to thrive in the challenging terrain of the Rockies.

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Frederick and Dacono

Enhance your property’s curb appeal with our top-notch sod products in Frederick, Colorado as well as the city of Dacono. Our meticulous installation services help create a lush, green lawn that complements the charm of this vibrant community.

Ensure Your Sod Stays Healthy Year-Round - Seasonal Lawn Guide


Our sod options are the right fit for your Loveland property and will bring out the lush beauty of your residential or commercial space.

How to Revive a Drought-stricken Lawn - Emerald Sod Farms


Transform your lawn in Parker with our premium sod options designed to withstand the challenges of the local climate.

Emerald Sod Farms T-1 Bentgrass Sod

Castle Rock

Discover sod solutions that complement the natural beauty Castle Rock has to offer. Our sod is carefully selected to thrive in the Castle Rock environment. Sod types accepted within the city of Castle Rock include Texas Hybrid and Fescue.

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Colorado Springs

Our sod products and sod delivery and installation services will take your outdoor spaces in Colorado Springs to the next level.

Sod Near Colorado

We’re excited to bring our high-quality sod all throughout Colorado and surrounding states! Emerald Sod Farms has installed our blends of sod at elevations as high as 9,000 feet and as hot and dry as Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. We have completed residential sod projects and served commercial clients throughout all of Colorado, as well as clients in; Nevada, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico

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Emerald Sod Farms is located at 31581 E. 128th Ave. in Commerce City, Colorado, within sight of the Denver Airport.  For more than 25 years, we’ve served residential and commercial clients from the Denver Metro, Front Range and Rocky Mountain regions.

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Emerald Sod Farms Turfgrass Sod Options

We provide premium quality sods, grown using the highest industry standards. Our sod products and installation services ensure you receive the best quality for your residential and commercial landscaping projects. Our team of sod professionals prides themselves in providing clients with up to date knowledge and guidance on the best sod types for specific locations and unique needs. 

Texas Hybrid Sod Turf Grass - Emerald Sod Farms

ESF Texas Hybrid is a cross between Kentucky Bluegrass and Texas Bluegrass. Our Texas Hybrid is far more drought tolerant than Kentucky Bluegrass and is a fantastic option for Colorado’s unique climate and water-saving efforts. It has a high traffic tolerance, especially in warm weather and it is heat and drought-resistant because of its extensive root system. 

ESF Bluegrass Blend

The ESF Bluegrass Blend consists of four different varieties/cultivars that are highly successful on research test sites and, more importantly, proven to perform well in the Rocky Mountain Region. These varieties provide the best there is to offer in natural dark green color, drought tolerance, disease resistance, shade tolerance, and density.

Emerald Sod Farms Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod

ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass is a creeping bentgrass with a dark green color and fine leaf texture. It is also known to have a high disease resistance and has a very aggressive growth habit. Its aggressive growth habit and disease resistance is a Colorado favorite on the putting greens and tees.

How to Care for New Sod in Spring - Emerald Sod Farms

ESF Penncross Bentgrass has been a proven golf course turfgrass in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region for many years. This blend is one of the toughest sod types we have to offer. We’ve designed it to hold up under extreme activity and those 90 degree days under the blazing sun. It is very aggressive and has tremendous vigor and wear tolerance. 

Fescue Bluegrass Blend For Park or Commercial Areas

The ESF Fescue/Bluegrass Blend combines the two different cultivars for specific uses to take advantage of each one’s strengths. This blend is recommended for yards that get a lot of attention. Kids playing soccer, dogs running around, entertainment areas; none of these things will stop this turfgrass from performing at its peak.

Penneagle II Bentgrass Sod - Emerald Sod Farms

ESF Penneagle II Bentgrass was the first bentgrass variety explicitly developed for fairways. ESF Penneagle II is now available with the same strong characteristics as Penneagle but with better brown patch resistance. Our Penneagle II Bentgrass Sod was created to enhance the elegance and refinement of the fairways but it’s tough, fighting nature adds resistance to brown spots and supports a green luster and overwhelming tenacity in the hottest and driest of weather conditions.

Emerald Sod Farm’s Low Mow Fairway Sod - Golf Course

ESF Low Mow Fairway Sod is a blend of ESF Bluegrass that is mowed/trained to a height of 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch. It is used on golf course fairways, athletic fields, or for those who just want a different look. It performs well, from the high altitudes and thin air of the mountains to the heat and dryness of the desert.

Emerald Sod Farms T-1 Bentgrass Sod

ESF T-1 Bentgrass is a creeping bentgrass with a very rich green color and is known for its tenacious ground coverage. The integrity of our T-1 Bentgrass Sod will hold up under aggressive wear and tear. That, combined with its fine texture and dark green color make our blend a must for your golf course. It will repair quickly from divots and traffic, and resist Poa annua, a common, low-growing turfgrass of much lower standards.

Choose Emerald Sod Farms for Your Next Turfgrass Project

With Emerald Sod Farm’s stellar delivery and installation services, we make it easy for you to transform your lawn by delivering directly to your location. You’ll save time and money while being able to focus on other components for your project. Transform your outdoor space with Emerald Sod Farms superior sod products, grass delivery, and turf installation. Contact us today so we can discuss your project’s unique needs and start your journey towards a more lush and vibrant Colorado landscape.