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Emerald Sod Farms offers only the best in sod choices, which is why we’ve created a Bluegrass Blend Sod that provides a beautiful, lush finish that’s easy to maintain throughout Colorado.  We combine four of the most beneficial bluegrass seeds in order to achieve the ultimate in performance with the unpredictable Rocky Mountain Region.

ESF Bluegrass BlendBluegrass Blend Sod for Your Yard

If you’re looking for an exceptional sod choice for your yard, our Bluegrass Blend Sod is our favorite option for your kids and pets.  It’s blended to support growth, color, and richness in shade, through heavy wear, and even in times of drought.

Bluegrass Blend Sod for Your Park, Golf Course, or Commercial Areas

Emerald Sod Farms Bluegrass Blend is proven to maintain its stunning dark green color through excessive use and above-normal wear and tear, making it perfect for parks, golf courses, athletic fields, and other recreational and commercial areas.  The blend works wonders even in the high altitude found throughout Colorado.  

Benefits of Emerald Sod Farms Bluegrass Blend Sod

We’ve put a lot of thought into the development of our Bluegrass Blend, incorporating sod varieties that are known for durability, strength, and beauty, and that flourish in full sunlight or maximum shade.

Resistant to Disease

We want your lawn care to be easy, which is why our blend works to keep disease at bay and reduces pest infestations.  We’ve incorporated sod varieties that are known for fighting against Colorado’s leaders in lawn disease, including Ascochyta, Necrotic Ring Spot, Fairy Ring, Dollar Spot, and so much more. 

Drought and Heat-Tolerant 

Lack of water and severe heat are two quick ways to ruin your grass.  With the erratic weather we face in Colorado, we wanted to create a sod blend that will recuperate quickly from the stress induced by a dry, hot climate and days without water.  Whether we’re experiencing high heat or freezing cold, this sod will aggressively fight to survive.

Endures Through Wear

If your kids need to practice their soccer kicks, or your pets need space to run, or your team needs a healthy field to play on, or your park needs space for a picnic, Emerald Sod Farm’s Bluegrass Sod Blend is perfect for you.  It offers effective durability and strength so take a beating and still thrive.


Using Emerald Sod Farms Bluegrass Sod Blend

Because of the versatility our exclusive Bluegrass blend provides, its uses are practically limitless:

•   Residential

•   Commercial

•   Industrial

•   Municipal Golf Courses

•   Athletic Fields

•   Parks

Care is simple due to the blend’s fine blades, first-rate density properties, and assertive nature.  Weeds stay under control in the spring months and this tolerant blend can be mowed from 1/2” to 4” depending on your needs.

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Emerald Sod Farms is here to help you choose, install, and maintain the high-quality lawn you want. Contact our team of sod experts to learn more about our products and our services. 

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