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At Emerald Sod Farms, we create the best performing and highest quality of sod blends. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to developing resilient and dependable sod variations that can stand up to the sometimes challenging Colorado weather. No matter what your sod will be used for, we have exactly what you need. 

Emerald Sod Farms has designed a stunning, tough, elegant blend in our Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod. Its luxurious dark green color and fine leaf texture is gorgeous to look at and lush to the touch. Its aggressive growth habit and disease resistance is a Colorado favorite on the putting greens and tees.

ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod for Your Yard

We are proud to offer a variety of brilliant turfgrass selections for your home and personal yard space. While Penn A4 Creeping Bentgrass is extremely durable for high-traffic areas and can withstand both high and low temperatures, this may not be the best sod choice for a residential yard. 

If you are looking for a more conveniently managed sod for active outdoor families and pets, we invite you to read more about these ESF sod blends:

Both of these blends will provide your family with the look, feel, and maintenance you’re looking for. Please contact one of our sod specialists for more details on how our blends will hold up under your residential needs. 

Fitting Your Park or Commercial Areas With ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod 

Commercial areas that receive active, repetitive use may benefit from the ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod blend. This option does excel in all weather conditions, shade or sun, and will thrive when well-maintained. Prior to making your final decision regarding this blend for your park or commercial space, we recommend speaking to someone on our team so you can make an educated decision after learning about its qualities and requirements. 

We do offer the following custom blends that work and look great in Colorado parks and commercial areas: 

ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod for Your Golf Course Greens, Tees, and Fairways

If you want your Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod to shine, here is where it will. This turfgrass was designed specifically to perform under the stress of the elements, high traffic, and extraordinary wear and tear- all while looking at its best. Penn A4 creeping bentgrass is aggressive, fighting off a myriad of weed strains. 

We created this blend to work hard under extreme temperature ranges and look beautiful as it does. Your greens and tees will keep that dark green color and thrive through every season if properly taken care of.

Benefits of ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod Blend 

Emerald Sod Farms is composed of a team that truly understands the nature of sod and how it should be used. We are dedicated to providing our customers with top-shelf turfgrass blends that withstand through time, wear, and unpredictable Colorado weather. Like all of our other in-house blends, our Penn A4 blend will not let you down. 

Resistant to Disease

The Penn A4 Creeping Bentgrass Sod blend is as tough as they come. Not only will it stand up to the elements, but it will stave off sod diseases and weeds if maintained properly. Golf courses love this blend because it’s easy to manage and it looks great. 

Drought- and Heat-Tolerant

If you live in Colorado you’re well aware of the highs and lows we endure when it comes to our weather. That’s not only with freezing and brutally hot temperatures, it also comes in the form of excessively dry air quality. With very little moisture, our grass can suffer. It’s important to find the right blends that can face off with the same cruel weather patterns. Hot and dry are no match for the ESF Penn A4 blend. 

Endures Through Wear

Unreasonable amount of traffic? Bring it on. This sod blend will survive and thrive through the rigors of overuse. We know golf green standards and our Penn A4 blend surpasses them.  

Using ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod Blend

Like with all of our ESF specially created sod blends, care and maintenance are paramount to their longevity and survival. When maintained, the Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod blend will look, feel, and act exactly as it promises to. Through almost any severe weather condition, high and consistent use, and irregular traffic patterns, this blend will adapt and succeed.  

Speak to any of our sod professionals for more details on the correct uses of this blend. 

Contact Emerald Sod Farms For Any of Your Sod Needs

Emerald Sod Farms would love the opportunity to help in determining what turfgrass would work best for your needs. We can support you through sod selection, installation, and even help you maintain it. You deserve the highest quality sod that can give you the look and feel you want and our team can help make that happen. Whether it’s for your personal or commercial area, ESF will give you the ultimate in sod service. Contact our team of Denver sod specialists to learn more about our products and our services today.

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