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Emerald Sod Farms provides efficient, well-performing, and beautiful sod blends to our Colorado residents. We live in the predictably unpredictable weather of Colorado ourselves, so we know exactly what it takes to create sod blends that are resilient, over-achievers. With our team of sod experts, we provide lawns that last. 

The ESF Low Mow Fairway Sod is one of the most rigid sod blends around. It’s been crafted using our very own ESF Bluegrass Sod Blend, trained to the perfect fairway height of a quarter-inch to half-inch high. This beauty of a blend is used on Colorado’s golf course fairways and athletic fields, standing up and looking great under severe pressure. 

Low Mow Kentucky Bluegrass for Your Yard

Our Low Mow Bluegrass Blend caters to those who need low-growing grass and aren’t inclined to mow as often as most residential yards are mowed. Sounds great for your yard then, right? You may want to reconsider. 

Mowing maintenance may be down, but you do need to stay on top of other aspects of this sod in order for it to look good and perform well. For instance, shade may be an issue, this grass loves the sun, and lots of watering may be necessary if you want resilience. While we love this aggressive blend, we think you’d have better luck with other ESF formulated sod blends for your residential yard. 

For beauty, resilience, and low-maintenance, ask us about one of these blends for your home:

•   Emerald Sod Farms Bluegrass Blend Sod 

•   Emerald Sod Farms Texas Hybrid Sod

Both of these ESF sod blends can endure high-activity, heat, cold, and shade, all while staying durable and providing the lush green look and feel you’re after, without too much management.   

Emerald Sod Farm’s Low Mow Fairway Sod - Parks and Commercial Areas

Fitting Your Park or Commercial Areas With Low Mow Kentucky Bluegrass Sod 

Commercial areas’ is a relatively broad term, so the short answer to whether our Low Mow Bluegrass Sod will work in your commercial space is: maybe. If your outdoor commercial space is a park, athletic field, or just a lot of land in need of pretty grass, this may be the right choice for you. It will provide a solid appearance and offers durability for those areas that receive a lot of abuse due to sports and games and uncommon wear and tear. 

Our Emerald Sod Farms blends always provide what’s needed for the areas the sod is designed for. Before committing to our Low Mow Blend, talk to our sod specialists to get all of the pros and cons regarding using this blend in your commercial area. 

Two standard ESF blends used in Colorado parks, fields, and commercial spaces, include: 

•   Emerald Sod Farms Bluegrass Blend Sod 

•   Emerald Sod Farms Texas Hybrid Sod

Both are dependable and strong in the harsh Colorado weather and will thrive in both sun and shade. 

Low Mow Kentucky Bluegrass Sod for Your Golf Course Greens, Tees, and Fairways

Our Low Mow Kentucky Blend truly excels while under the intense nature of the golf course. It will outperform many blends when used on fairways, staying healthy when encountering high-traffic, stress, extreme weather conditions, divots, and all of the other tough golf course conditions. 

This sod blend is a champion; it will fight off diseases and weeds as it shines under the burning sun, the gusty winds, the heavy rain, and the winter freeze. Less mowing means a bit less maintenance, which is always a draw. The correct watering, aerating, and fertilizing of this blend will keep it strong season after season.  

Benefits of ESF Low Mow Kentucky Sod Blend 

Emerald Sod Farms is composed of a team who knows how to design the best sod blends for your needs. We understand the importance of upkeep, which is why we are dedicated to supporting your sod needs well after you’ve purchased your sod from us. Our turfgrasses are created to give you the look, feel, and strength necessary for whatever your lawn care goals are. 

Our Low Mow Bluegrass Blend is a survivor when used and maintained as it should be. 

Resistant to Disease

Our variety of Low Mow Bluegrass is exceptional at standing up to pesky, ravenous lawn diseases and weeds. We designed it to be tough and disease-resistant, so it can perform at its best on the fairways. It has a low susceptibility to dollar spot, brown patch, summer patch, and pythium. 

Drought- and Heat-Tolerant

This blend is drought-tolerant, with excellent survival skills in our dry climate. Persistence under intense weather conditions is one of its most desirable qualities. The hot sun, brisk winters, and lack of humidity won’t scare off this turfgrass. In fact, it will keep on looking stunning and performing at its best. 

Endures Through Wear

Golf courses see a lot of wear and high-traffic areas, so enduring under these conditions is key to being a successful fairway sod blend. The ESF Low Mow Bluegrass Blend is a strategically used blend for Colorado’s fairways, offering less maintenance than other blends, with the same strength, durability, and resilience.  

Emerald Sod Farms T-1 Bentgrass Sod

Using ESF Low Mow Kentucky Sod Blend

Like with all sod blends, proper maintenance and care are going to be crucial to their longevity, vivaciousness, and aesthetic appeal. Our blends are built for endurance and strength, and the ESF Low Mow Fairway Blend is no different. It’s a high-quality turfgrass created for the challenging growing conditions of Colorado fairways. It promises to perform well from the high altitudes and thin air of the mountains to the desert’s heat and dryness.

If this is the sod product to meet your needs, we ensure that you’ll get all the information you need to fully support its care and successful management. 

Speak to any of our sod professionals for more details on the correct uses of our Emerald Sod Farms blends.  

Contact Emerald Sod Farms For Any of Your Sod Needs

If you’re in the market for reliable, professionally-created sod products, we’d like the opportunity to work with you. We will provide the insight needed to make the correct decision about your sod purchase, saving you time, energy, and money. Let us talk with you today about your lawn goals, and we will discuss proper sod selection, installation, and maintenance, so you get the most out of your lawn’s potential. 

Your sod should be of the finest quality, offering the precise look, feel, and texture wanted. Let us help you achieve your goals of a healthy, happy lawn, whether for your yard, park, fairway, or commercial space. 

Contact our team of Denver sod specialists to learn more about our products and our services today.

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