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Emerald Sod Farms is a local, Veteran-owned business. We grow turfgrass sod from seeds that are certified sod quality and certified free of weeds, pests, and disease. The varieties selected for each of our grass blends are the very best for the Denver Metro, Front Range, and Rocky Mountain Regions. 

While there is no perfect turfgrass sod for every intention, our sod specialists and sod installers continue to grow better turfgrass sod by constantly improving color and durability. We work hard to find and create varieties that are more disease-resistant and use less water and fertilizer for smarter, more efficient sod care. 

All of our sod is grown on sandy loam soil, which is ideal for promoting the health and vitality of our grasses and the success of your unique turfgrass project. Emerald Sod Farms has installed our blends of sod at elevations as high as 9,000 feet and as hot and dry as Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas. No job is too challenging; we’ve completed installations on areas so steep our installation crew had to use ropes to secure themselves as they laid the turfgrass. We’ve even done installations on rooftops!

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We take great pride in advising and guiding our customers into the perfect sod to fit their needs. Our team is reliable
and knowledgeable and able to provide insight on a variety of sod requirements, goals, and locations. 

Emerald Sod Farms offers quality sod products and extensive sod installation services near your area to meet your turf grass wants.

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Emerald Sod Farms is located at 31581 E. 128th Ave. in Commerce City, Colorado, within sight of the Denver Airport.  For more than 25 years, we’ve served residential and commercial clients from the Denver Metro, Front Range and Rocky Mountain regions.

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Delivery to your site

Our team is prepared to safely and securely get your sod to your location whether you’re in the Denver metro area or in the mountains. We understand that fresh sod needs a quick delivery and installation, and we have all of the necessary equipment and tools to make that happen.

Pick up sod at one of our locations

If you have the means, we will gladly help you get your sod into your vehicle at one of our locations. Understanding your order’s size and weight is essential to a safe journey, so speak with one of our sod professionals to learn more about the sod pickup process.

Our sod installation is full-service with techniques, experience, and unparalleled customer satisfaction. We have seen our share of demanding installation projects, and we’ve successfully completed each with efficiency. We know what it takes to lay sod quickly and carefully. 

Whether for your home or your business, we have you covered from start to finish with our sod installation services.

Let ESF Take Care of All Your Sod Needs

We are a close-knit team of sod experts who genuinely love our job. When you work with us on your sod project, you get more than ingenuity and professionalism, but you get ongoing guidance and support, too.

Talk to us about your sod project today. We want you to have the lawn of your dreams, and we know how to make that happen.

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