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Emerald Sod Farms is a veteran-owned business and has always taken great pride in the quality of our turf grass sod and the services provided to our customers in the past 26 years. The Colorado Department of Agriculture annually inspects and certifies our sod to be weed, pest, and disease-free. ESF is committed to providing our customers with freshly harvested sod and the best service!

Our reputation in the industry goes well beyond sod knowledge, we also truly believe in building trust and a foundation of communication with our customers. We want each person who purchases from us to gain the necessary insights into successful lawn care and maintenance–no matter the size of the job.

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Emerald Sod Farms is located at 31581 E. 128th Ave. in Commerce City, Colorado, within sight of the Denver Airport.  For more than 25 years, we’ve served residential and commercial clients from the Denver Metro, Front Range and Rocky Mountain regions.

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Emerald Sod Farms is fortunate to have rich sandy loam soil and great water to grow premium turf grass sod. The sandy loam soil makes it easier for our sod to grow, be harvested, and transplanted to your site. Emerald Sod Farms strives to give our customers the freshest sod possible and our customer service is unparalleled.

Experience does matter in providing organic-quality sod for the Denver metro area as well as multiple areas within and around Colorado. We also offer grass sod delivery to your site, sod pick-up service at one of our locations, and new sod installation. Emerald Sod Farms owners and managers have over 100 years of experience in the turf grass industry. Our vast sod knowledge and ongoing turf grass training allow for a confident blend of sod experts who are eager to get your lawn exactly where you want it to be.

  • High-quality sod: our sod is always free of pests, weeds, and disease, it’s organic and we only sell it if the quality meets our standards 

  • Sod delivery and sod installation services on your schedule: offering convenient hours in-store, for delivery or pickup, and for your installation needs, our team is committed to making your sod purchase go as efficiently as possible 

  • Friendly staff: we take great pride in our caring, dedicated, and educated staff who are always going the extra mile for our customers

  • Professional service: our team of sod professionals is more than just knowledgeable, but strives to keep the customer happy and informed at all times

  • Individualized care: every turf grass project is special and needs individual care, we’re committed to providing only the best in service to every project, no matter the size


ESF Bluegrass Blend | ESF Texas Hybrid | Penncross Bentgrass | Penneagle II Bentgrass | Penn A4 Bentgrass | T-1 Bentgrass | Low Mow Fairway | ESF Fescue Bluegrass Blend | Specialty grass-grown upon request

Emerald Sod Farms will make any lawn a beauty and we work with every kind of customer:


Emerald Sod Farms has brought a lot of joy to many different customers and we intend to keep it that way.

Get your sod with us and you will have a healthy lawn through all of Colorado’s spectacular seasons.  Enjoy your lush and vibrant lawn with family and friends when weather permits and be confident that during your lawn’s dormant months it’s still thriving.   

ESF will offer advice on everything from blade length, to lawnmowers, to fertilizing, and everything in between, so don’t hesitate to ask.  You can always check out our blog for some great insight into mastering your Colorado sod purchase and what to do next!



"The Joseph M. Duich Turfgrass Endowment Tournament Committee and I want to thank Emerald Sod Farms for your support and commitment to the May 19, 1997 tournament at Castle Pines Golf Club. It is with participation such as yours that enables the endowment to continue supporting the development of better and more efficient turfgrass varieties, pesticide and fungicide
research and scholarships for future turfgrass managers.”
Marshall R. Fearing
CastlePines Golf Club
“We contracted with Emerald Sod Farms of Denver to provide, transport and install 2,600,000 square feet of bluegrass and fescue sod for the construction of our golf course. We have now completed the sodding of six holes and are very pleased with Emerald Sod Farms. They have provided everything they promised and more. They have met or exceeded all specifications, and conducted their work in a very professional manner, and have been a pleasure to work with.”
John Reed
VP of Construction and Development
Cordillera Resorts - Edwards, CO
“I wanted to thank you for the excellent job your company did for us this year at both the Maroon Creek project in Aspen and the Grand Mesa project in Parker. We were extremely happy with the quality of both sod and installation. Your performance was exceptional. In fact, you went beyond the call of duty. Please feel free to use us as a reference in your future business dealings. We appreciate your service and look forward to doing business with you again.”
Kirk M. Kyster
Landscapes Unlimited, Inc.
“First, I want to thank you for your patience during this fiasco especially since you were involved and it was not your problem to deal with. Thank you also for your help not only with the person we contracted with but with living up to the possibility to finish the job if need be. I hope that with everything that has gone on you can forgive us, as we really weren’t trying to cause problems. In the future, I will definitely refer your company for sod and sodding jobs. Thanks again!!”
Jason J