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Emerald Sod Farms prides itself on providing the highest quality of sod options. Our Texas Hybrid Bluegrass Sod blend is no different. We’ve created this special sod blend using Kentucky Bluegrass and Texas Bluegrass for a superior hybrid bluegrass sod with an exquisite feel and look. 

ESF Texas Hybrid Sod offers your lawn a lush, dark green finish that’s easy to care for. It works great in high-traffic areas, especially in warmer climates. The extensive root system helps resist problems that may arise during excessive heat and periods of drought. This hybrid bluegrass blend will not disappoint you in the sometimes harsh Colorado weather and landscape.

ESF Texas Hybrid Sod for Your Yard

Our custom Texas Hybrid Bluegrass Sod blend will work magic in your yard. Kids, pets, high-heat, no shade? Not an issue. This is the perfect sod choice for you. It will last and thrive under wear-and-tear conditions because it’s specially formulated to promote growth and rich color through unpredictable weather conditions and constant, unrelenting use.

ESF Texas Hybrid Sod for Your Park, Golf Course, or Commercial Areas

Open fields, athletic fields, and play areas are no match for our Texas Hybrid Bluegrass Sod blend. It will sustain itself in full sun or partial shade with ease while keeping its beautiful, rich green color. Its durability stands up to excessive use and maintains its integrity through rough wear and tear. This blend will look stunning throughout the warm seasons and has excellent self-healing properties.

Benefits of ESF’s Texas Hybrid Sod Blend 

Our team of sod experts put thought and devotion into developing and creating our Texas Bluegrass Blend, combining the versatility of Kentucky bluegrass with Texas Bluegrass for the ultimate in sod creation. We wanted to provide our Colorado customers with durability, strength, and beauty that will not only last but thrive. Colorado has some extreme weather, so we knew we needed to design a blend that can handle those conditions. 

Resistant to Disease

We know that not all of us are sod experts, which is why our Texas Sod hybrid blend was designed to withstand disease, making your lawn care maintenance as easy as possible. Pest infestations can destroy a lawn, using sod that reduces that risk will ensure your lawn’s health (and your investment).

Drought- and Heat-Tolerant 

Having a gorgeous lawn in Colorado is no small task- usually. Our Texas Bluegrass blend will survive through drought and heat, quickly healing itself with its strong, aggressive rhizomes system. Your lawn should have what it takes to stand up to the erratic Colorado weather, and this one does. Freezing cold, high heat, days without water- no problem.

Endures Through Wear

Do you have a dog run in your backyard? Are your kids hoping to be soccer stars? Does your baseball team need a place to practice? Are you hoping for lush grass at the park? This Kentucky Bluegrass hybrid sod mix is your answer for all of it. Emerald Sod Farm’s Texas Hybrid excels in high-traffic areas because it’s got powerful durability properties and unmatched recovery properties. Perfect for Colorado’s active lifestyle.

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Using ESF’s Texas Hybrid Sod Blend

Because of the versatility our premium Texas and Kentucky Bluegrass Hybrid blend offers your lawn, its uses are far and wide, almost limitless in Colorado:

  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Municipal Golf Courses

  • Athletic Fields

  • Parks

Maintaining your lawn is easy because of the blend’s fine blades, assertive and healing nature, and its high heat tolerance. Weeds and pests remain controlled throughout the warm months and this sophisticated blend can be mowed from 1” to 5” depending on your requirements.

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Emerald Sod Farms is prepared to help you choose, install, and maintain the high-quality lawn you’ve always wanted. Contact our team of sod experts to learn more about our products and our services.

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