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Specialty Sod Blends for Colorado

Specialty Sod Blends

Specialty sod blends were designed for unique applications such as sports fields and golf courses. They are designed to hold up to wear and provide an appealing aesthetic.

Emerald Sod Farms is a local Colorado grower offering specialty sod varieties for both personal and commercial use to create a quality lawn for whatever goals the landscaper has in mind. Specialty grass is grown upon request to provide the freshest, most sustainable product available.

A number of sod varieties means that a perfect lawn or turf is available that is also able to endure Colorado’s dry year-round weather.

Emerald Sod Farms features the following Colorado grown specialty blends:

5 Sod FAQs Answered by our Emerald Sod Experts

ESF Penn A4 Bentgrass

Dark green in color and a fine texture, Penn A4 Bentgrass is ideal for smooth areas such as putting greens and tees. A creeping bentgrass, it is highly disease-resistant and withstands extreme temperatures, which Colorado can have any time of year. Its very aggressive growth habit and high-density is why it is chosen for golf course applications. It is one of our most popular sod varieties.

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ESF Penncross Bentgrass

Another creeping bentgrass, the Penncross is one of many specialty sod blends for sale from Emerald Sod Farms. It is perfect for golf greens, tees, and fairways. Able to tolerate extreme cold and heat, Penncross Bentgrass can also perform well on sandy soil or clay soil, such as those in Colorado. It is the proven golf course turf grass in the Rocky Mountain Region and is considered aggressive, wear-tolerant, and one of the top sod blends for vigor.

Fescue Bluegrass Blend ay Emerald Sod Farms

ESF Penneagle II Bentgrass

Developed specifically for golf fairways, our Penneagle II Bentgrass offers better resistance to brown patches, while maintaining the strong characteristics of the Penneagle.

Medium-fine with a dark green color, the Penneagle II Bentgrass is non-aggressive and hot and cold weather-tolerant.

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ESF T-1 Bentgrass

Another creeping bentgrass, Emerald Sod Farm’s T-1 Bentgrass has a rich green color and is perfect for putting greens, tees, and fairways. It’s been said it is one of the darkest green specialty sod blends, and it performs well in the Rocky Mountain Region because of its tenacious ground cover and durability, regardless of weather.

Easy to manage, it allows for a professional and high-quality appearance with less maintenance and quick healing from divots.

Emerald Sod Farms’ experts can help you plan and prepare for your project with the right quantity, maintenance tips, delivery, and care. Whether a commercial application or an at-home putting green, there is no sod grass project too big or small for us. We are proud to be your local sod farmer providing the right specialty sod blends for you.

Tips for a Successful Installation of Specialty Sod Varieties

The best way to protect your sod purchase is to be well-prepared prior to installation. Research and speaking to professionals in the field are your best bets for success. These general guidelines will help you in your research; however, you will want to speak to the sod specialists at Emerald Sod Farms regarding your specific needs, especially if you are installing one of our specialty blends.

Plan First

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Searching Sod Farm Near Me will give you the freshest results. Be sure the sod farm has local sod varieties suitable for your application – whether a golf course, sports field, or at-home putting green.

The Emerald Sod experts can help you choose the best sod for your project needs and goals, while keeping usage and climate in mind. Let us help you determine how much sod is needed using specific measurements, even in unusual shapes or spaces.

The freshness of the sod is important, it should be installed immediately to avoid burning, drying out, or other damages.

Prepare the Ground

The ground must be ready to accept the specialty blend, so preparing the soil is critical to protecting your investment and getting the best performance from your new grass.

The prepped area should be level and clear of weeds, old grass, and debris including leaves, pine needles, or trash. Test the pH levels – ideal levels are between 5 and 7. In your planning stage, be sure to take into consideration the soil type (ie. sand, clay, rocky, etc.) and pH levels.

Fertilization and/or aeration may be suggested, so talk to the sod farm about their recommendations based on your specific project demands.

Installation of Specialty Blends

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Emerald Sod Farms offers delivery and installation if needed; however, if you choose to use your own crew, plan delivery or pickup on a day with mild temperatures between 40 and 70 degrees. These cooler days will be more comfortable for installation but also lower the risk of the sod rolls overheating and dying.

The ground should be wet to a depth of about an inch. Sod should be watered within thirty minutes of installation to be saturated but not mushy- about 4-6 inches of water. Water in stages if installation time is greater than 30 minutes.

Avoid overlapping the sod rolls or leaving gaps between them. Line them up without stretching or tearing it, in a brick pattern with edges lining up against edges. Lay the specialty sod blend horizontally on sloped areas to prevent slipping and soil runoff. Around curved areas, use a knife to cut the sod within a half inch of the boundary.

Care and Maintenance of New Sod

Care should be taken to not overuse the new sod until the roots have taken hold. Continue to water the new sod daily per recommendation from your sod farm instructions. The first two weeks are critical for root growth, but depending on weather conditions and proper preparation and watering, your sod should be ready for mowing and maintenance after that.

Maintenance now includes managing weeds, insects/pests, fertilizing, aeration, and mowing. Your situation will define what the best strategy is for sod maintenance. Follow your sod specialists’ advice for proper care and maintenance of the specialty sod blend you have chosen, as well as the conditions in which it is being used.

Proper aeration, nutrition, watering, and lawn height will keep your grass looking plush and healthy all year round for years to come. 

Ready to plan your sod project? Give Emerald Sod Farms a call today!

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