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The sod professionals at Emerald Sod Farms have decades of experience behind us. We are skilled and educated, making any sod installation project run smoothly and efficiently. Our team has worked throughout Colorado on steep, mountainous terrain and through unpredictable, sometimes extremely harsh weather. We know what it takes to get your sod grass installation completed to perfection. 

We install several kinds of sod in various locations, from your backyard to your commercial area to your park to your golf course; we have you covered. Whether your job is large or small, challenging or straightforward, we will gladly take your project on. 

Let our sod installers do it all:

•  We’ll help you determine the best sod for your project

•  We’ll help you determine the amount of sod necessary

•  We’ll prep the area to be sodded

•  We’ll bring the sod to you

•  We’ll install the sod

•  We’ll fertilize the sod

•  We’ll clean up the mess

•  We’ll advise and support you, so your lawn stays lush and green

Your lawn’s beauty and longevity are the goal, and we’ll do everything we can to ensure it stays healthy, and its appearance is managed and maintained. With the guidance and resources of the ESF sod specialists, your sod will thrive.


Sod Installation Services

 Getting an Estimate For Your Sod Installation 

Getting a sod installation estimate is easy and free. If you have already determined the type of sod and the amount needed, we can quickly draft an estimate up for you. 

Should you need one of our team members to come to your location, please call us, and we will find a convenient time to go and take a look at the area to be sodded. This is a free service and generally takes very little time.

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Emerald Sod Farms Sod Installation Pricing

Our pricing is always fair and competitive with industry standards. We’re seasoned professionals and provide the best, most streamlined and steadfast installing procedure. 

Sod installation costs vary by job; however, we can give you a figure based on the kind of sod chosen, the size of your space, and the area to be sodded. Note that sod installation doesn’t include preparation, these services are separate. One of our staff members will gladly walk you through sod pricing for the services you require.

Measuring for Sod

Measuring your space for sod can be tricky, depending on the shape and size of the lawn. Some basic shape measurements are relatively easy to quantify in square feet. 

•  Rectangle and square measurement: measure length and width in feet and multiply the numbers

•  Triangle measurement: measure the base the height in feet, multiply the numbers, divide by two

•  Circle measurement: measure the radius (center to edge) and multiply that number by 3.14, then multiply that number by the radius again (ex: the radius is 10’: 10 x 3.14 = 31.4 x 10 = 314 square feet should be ordered)

•  Odd shape measurement: split the area up into true shapes and use the criteria for that shape, then add the totals together for the square footage

If you’re not comfortable measuring for your sod installation, feel free to contact an ESF sod professional to assist you.

 Preparing for Your Sod Installation

If you’d like to prepare the area for your sod installation, there are some basic steps to take. 

•  Remove debris and weeds

•  Eliminate low spots in the grade

•  Add 3-4 cubic yards of organic planters mix per 1000 square feet and rototill 

•  Remove rocks, dirt clods, and other debris from the area

•  Sub-grade areas around sidewalks, curbs, and gutters at 1.5 inches

•  Create final grade by filling in or removing soil from low and high areas

Emerald Sod Farms can take care of prepping for you if the process is too complicated or timely for you. Our sod installer will prepare the soil prior to your installation. We have the tools and skillset to offer you existing sod and debris removal, rototilling, grading, and edging. The soil will be treated with high-quality, organic materials, and we will create the ultimate space by filling, lowering, and raising areas that need it. 

The area will then be smoothed and ready for sod installation, optimizing the process and ensuring the sod will be aesthetically appealing when installation is complete.

ESF Full Installation Package

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If you’re interested in using our Denver area sod installation team for the entire installation process, you will get:

•  Determination of best sod blend for area

•  Determination of amount of sod needed

•  Delivery of sod

•  Complete removal of old and existing sod

•  Rototilling of surface

•  Surface prep

•  Grading of surface

•  Organic topsoil treatment

•  Leveling of surface

•  Sprinkler review to ensure coverage 

•  Installation of sod

•  Irrigation and fertilizer treatment

•  Complete clean up of all debris

We invite you to take a look at our website and read some of our testimonials, so you have a better understanding of our services, products, and work ethic. We’d love the opportunity of working with you and getting you the lawn you’ve been dreaming of. Call us today to learn more!