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At Emerald Sod Farms, we’re meticulous about our sod blends and have the experience and dedication to create high-quality selections for every sod need in Colorado. With unpredictable weather and rigorous outdoor activities, Colorado offers a vast array of sod possibilities and we are 100% up for that challenge. Our Penncross Bentgrass Sod blend is a prime example. 

The ESF Penncross Bentgrass blend is one of the toughest sod types we have to offer. We’ve designed it to hold up under extreme activity and those 90 degree days under the blazing sun. For these reasons, we are proud that this turfgrass is used extensively for golf courses throughout Colorado and into the Rocky Mountain region. 

ESF Penncross Bentgrass Sod for Your Yard 

Because this turfgrass is so durable and aggressive, you may think this is perfect for your yard, especially if you have kids and pets and use your lawn often. However, we invite you to have a conversation with our sod experts prior to making that decision. Penncross Bentgrass Sod requires plenty of maintenance and specific soil, air, and drainage needs must be met to ensure proper growth.

If you are looking for a beautiful, smart, durable sod for your yard, please read about these recommended blends:

Fitting Your Park or Commercial Areas With ESF Penncross Bentgrass Sod 

This particular sod is extremely reliable under constant use and can be considered one of the most wear-tolerant on the market, but the amount of consistent dedicated maintenance may not be a possibility for parks and other commercial areas. Before you choose ESF Penncross Bentgrass Sod blend, allow our staff to discuss with you your lawn needs and goals. 

The following kinds of turfgrass may be a more appealing choice for your requirements:

Penncross Bentgrass Sod for Your Golf Course Greens, Tees, and Fairways

ESF Penncross Bentgrass has been a proven, reliable golf course turfgrass in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region for several years. This blend is aggressive and has tremendous vigor and endurance. This alliance makes it an organic and wise choice for golf course greens, as well as tees and fairways.

This sod blend will work in both heat and cold and with the proper maintenance, it will stay a stunning bright green color as it takes a beating. 

Emerald Sod Farm’s Penncross Bentgrass Sod

Benefits of ESF Penncross Bentgrass Sod Blend 

Emerald Sod Farms is a team of sod experts who collaborate on blending the perfect sods for the best results possible. We have created a dependable, determined, and agile blend with our Penncross Bentgrass Sod. Colorado sod comes in many shapes and sizes depending on the needs and there is not one more aggressive than this blend. Under the correct conditions and with the proper maintenance, this bold beauty will not disappoint. 

Resistant to Disease

The Penncross Bentgrass Sod blend is tough and can withstand many common sod diseases with sufficient care. Its resilience is one of the reasons this blend is so widely used on golf courses. Its luxurious look would not be possible if it couldn’t stand up to disease. 

Drought- and Heat-Tolerant 

With continued support, this turfgrass blend will stay stunning in the direst of heat and cold conditions. It is perfect for the often unpredictable weather of Colorado in the correct settings. Its strength and vitality will last through drought and can use water sources with a pH of 7.5 to 8.5. 

Endures Through Wear

The rigors of golf aren’t only thrust upon the golfer. The lawn takes its fair share of abuse, too. Using Penncross Bentgrass for high-wear areas is a true no-brainer. It can last through excessive use and disturbance and stay strong and healthy throughout tremendous contact.

Using ESF Penncross Bentgrass Sod Blend

Because of the intensity and notable strength of his very specific blend, its uses are great for spaces that need endurance but have the ability to receive ongoing maintenance. Commercial, industrial, and golf course uses are some of the popular places this grass will strive. 

Speak to any of our sod professionals for more details on the correct uses of this blend.

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