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Golf Course Sod by Emerald Sod Farms

The importance of sod quality is never greater than when needed on the Colorado golf course. It’s not just the everyday wear and tear or the myriad of temperature and climate fluctuations, but the look and feel must be exquisite and at the top of its game at all times. Performance is dire, but that perfect, dark green lush is too.

At Emerald Sod Farms, we provide premium golf course sod blends for tees, putting greens, and fairways. Our sod specialists are up for the challenge of finding, delivering, and installing sod on these large, demanding projects, and we won’t let you down. 

If you’re looking for the best golf course sod suppliers in Denver, Colorado, Emerald Sod Farms has everything you need. 

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Emerald Sod Farms is located at 31581 E. 128th Ave. in Commerce City, Colorado, within sight of the Denver Airport.  For more than 25 years, we’ve served residential and commercial clients from the Denver Metro, Front Range and Rocky Mountain regions.

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Sod Blends for Golf Courses

Choosing the correct turfgrass sod blend for your golf course is of the utmost importance; it’s a big job, and you want it done right the first time. Finding the perfect balance of durability and beauty is made easy with our ESF sod blends. The goal is to make your greens as tolerant and long-lasting as possible, and we won’t let you down.

Your golf course sod blend must have specific qualities that last through Denver’s unpredictable seasons and hold up against high traffic. Some of the most popular turfgrass products our golf course community uses include:

Our golf course customers rely on us to find the most reliable turfgrass blend for their courses, blends that are aggressive, stave off pests and disease, and look stunning. You can depend on our sod products to provide the look, feel, and adaptability necessary for your luxurious golf greens. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss your Colorado golf course sod project, we’re leaders in the industry, and our sod farm is ready to work with you.

Helping Golf Courses With All Their Sod Needs

The golfing experience is one of luxury, designed for fun, to release stress, and often to socialize and network. At Emerald Sod Farms, we don’t take that for granted. We know that your golf course must meet high levels of integrity and sophistication to keep your players happy. Our team is experienced in providing the ultimate golf course sod to maximize the player’s time with you. 

We know you take pride in customer satisfaction and we do too. Emerald Sod Farms is a team of turf grass professionals who are skilled and committed to your golf course’s high level of performance. 

Let us help by giving you:

  • A realistic timeframe for your job, ensuring your schedule isn’t compromised

  • The best sod variety for your golf course’s needs and goals

  • Various comprehensive sod services that ensure the job is done correctly and allow you to focus on other tasks

  • Customer and logistic support that offer confidence to you and your players 

Having provided our solutions to dozens of golf courses, we’ve learned that no two are the same, new obstacles and challenges are found on each course. However, we are effective and efficient at finding the precise sod solutions for each. 

Let us prove our worth. Check out our sod blends, and then call us to learn more

ESF’s Colorado Golf Course Sod Services 

Due to our years of experience working with golf course contractors, superintendents, and contractors, we can get your greens up and running in no time and looking fantastic. Our specialty turfgrass blends are made for your unique golf course. We have everything necessary to streamline your project and make it go smoothly. 

From choosing the correct sod all the way through installation, our team is reliable, giving keen insight and using all the right equipment for a quick turnaround. The team at ESF knows what it takes to successfully sod your golf course. 

You have choices when it comes to working with sod suppliers in the Denver area; we encourage you to talk with us about our premium quality sod products. Having lived in Colorado for years, we understand the weather and the landscape, which is why we’re trusted by so many. 

If you hope your golf course equates to great quality, excellent service, and high value, call us. Our sod projects and services speak for themselves. Let’s get you a sod quote and get started on your project today. You’ll be glad you did.