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Here in the middle of Colorado the summers are hard on us, as well as our lawns. Dry, frying heat and high altitudes can scorch areas of our yard that are subject to full sun. The right type of sod is needed as the base and a nice lawn continues to be a work in progress. Issues aren’t fixed overnight.

A growing trend for Denver homeowners has been to swap out water-thirsty cool-season lawns for more drought-tolerant grasses. Or they take it further and just remove the lawn entirely and trade it for xeriscaping, concrete patios, or ornamental stonework with low-maintenance planter borders.

However, if you prefer an attractive, lush green lawn instead, there are ways to make the work easier:


It’s best to water in the early morning or late evening to avoid evaporation. Conserve water by watering deeply once or twice a week. More frequent spurts of short watering periods lead to shorter roots, and you want them to grow deep for better health. Water for about 20-25 minutes per area, taking care to make sure you don’t overwater.

Mowing & Pulling Weeds

Mow regularly, but don’t cut your Colorado-friendly lawn less than three inches short. Taller grass can shade the roots from the heat of the midday sun, reduces sunshine for pesky weeds to grow, and makes the grass itself healthier.

Make sure your lawnmower blades are sharpened every year to ensure a clean cut that allows the grass to recover quickly. If you don’t, you are tearing your grass, rather than cutting it, which leads to yellow or brown tips. Sharpening the blades also reduces the time it will take you to mow the lawn.

Pulling weeds is essential in this step as well, so the grass doesn’t have to compete for resources.

Aeration & Fertilization

Aerating your lawn is important in Colorado as it’s easy for the soil to dry out and compact, especially under foot traffic. This leads to less permeable soil that’s harder for roots to move through. Aerating also increases water and oxygen getting to the roots directly, which they need for growth.

Spring and fall are the best times to aerate and fertilize, allowing the grass to rest in the summer and winter.

Fertilize your lawn with organic mixes or your own compost when the weather is cooler. Be cautious, as high heat combined with the sun’s rays and fertilizer on the grass itself can lead to scorching. Our sod experts can help you choose the right fertilizer for your lawn, as cooler-season grasses need different fertilizer from warmer-season grasses.

Having a healthy lawn means fewer weeds and more resistant to heat and pests, as well as disease. Less work for you leads to more time enjoying the summer and less time maintaining your yard. Make sure you follow tips for your area and you’ll be surprised at the results while your family enjoys the best lawn possible all year round.

Looking for more sod tips? Our sod experts are here to help! Whether you are needing new sod or support with sod care, contact Emerald Sod Farms to learn more about the best sod for Colorado, applications, pricing, and sod maintenance.