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There’s nothing like the look and feel of a lush, green lawn to make your home beautiful!

But do you know how to pick out the best-priced sod to create that lawn of your dreams?

Here are some tips, so you’ll know what to look for the next time you’re buying and pricing sod for a home improvement project.

  1. Begin by measuring the area where you’ll need the new sod. A sod supplier (such Emerald Sod Farms, your Denver sod experts) can help you determine the exact amount you’ll need. For example, we recommend ordering 5 percent extra, so you’ll have sod to cut and fit around curves, edges, or other unique areas.  (Check out our online sod ordering calculator to help you.)
  2. Make sure you work with a vendor that can help you with the specifics of your lawn’s needs – for example, if the sod will be shaded versus in direct sunlight and the soil conditions of your yard.
  3. Determine the kind of grasses that will work best in your region and climate. You’ll want to choose grasses that can survive best where you live.  For example, warm season grasses work better in the southern United States with hot, humid climates versus cool season grasses that are plant in other states.
  4. Keep in mind the activities you’ll be doing in your yard and how much time you and your family and friends will spend there. This can help us in aiding you to pick out the correct variety, and with providing you with information on how to maintain it.
  5. Talk to your experts about your price point, and inspect the condition of the grass and soil in your sod rolls. You’ll want to make sure the grass is mature, fertilized property, and that there’s about an inch of soil is in good condition.  This will help your grass take root once you begin sodding and maintaining your grass.

Once you purchase your new sod, your sod company should be able to help you with tips on when and how it’s best to plant your new sod.   At Emerald Sod Farms, for example, we have an online sod ordering calculator to help determine your sod sizing and pricing needs, and we offer our customers the options of self-pick up for sod orders, delivery, and delivery and installation.

For more answers to sod needs, lawn and grass growing tips, and competitive sod prices in Denver, visit Emerald Sod Farms or call 303-654-0202.