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Does Compost Help New Sod - Emerald Sod Farms

Compost is formed by organic materials such as yard waste and kitchen scraps decomposed to create a dark soil-like substance. Like soil, it can be rich in nutrients and help with feeding new sod. Installing new sod can create an immediate improvement in the comfort and appearance of your yard. Unlike laying seed and waiting for the grass to sprout, sod can be installed in hours, and with proper care will last a lifetime.

Preparing and caring for your new sod has a few steps to ensure the lush, green success you desire, and composting can play a valuable part in that.

Compost to Prepare the Soil for Sod

Preparing the soil prior to laying sod is critical for success. The new sod needs a surface that allows the sod roots to grow deeply into the earth. The ground must be cleared of weeds, debris, and roots and be level. Prepare the ground for an even rolling of the new sod.

Using compost with the right amount of nutrients and correct pH will help with retaining the water your sod needs to create deep roots and a healthy lawn. You may want to mix it with topsoil or saturate the ground to encourage growth.

Protect your Sod with Compost

Over time, soil nutrients are lost through absorption. Adding compost retains those nutrients, as well as moisture. Adding a layer of compost on top of your lawn promotes healthy soil as it makes its way down, adding in vital nutrition. Fertilizers do this as well, but many people prefer the more natural solution compost allows over synthetics.

Maintaining a Healthy Lawn

Follow your sod expert’s advice on watering, fertilizing, aerating, and cutting your lawn. The type of grass, as well as the weather, can determine how often you want to water and cut it. How it is being used, such as the traffic demands, and the sod’s durability in full sun or shade will also determine its care.

Addressing soil issues before the sod is laid, and then maintaining proper chemical balance will help keep the grass green and healthy for decades to come. Adding composting to your mix of maintenance will help keep your lawn beautiful. Your home and yard are an investment – one worth protecting – and compost can certainly help with that. 

Caring for your sod
doesn’t have to be hard, but using the right kind for your needs is important to keep it beautiful. Whether you are needing new sod or support with sod care, contact Emerald Sod today to learn more about the best sod for Colorado and surrounding states, applications, pricing, and sod maintenance.