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Prep Now for a Healthy Spring Lawn - Emerald Sod Farms

As fall ushers in winter, the last thing on your mind is how your lawn will look in the spring. But now is exactly the time to be thinking about it, especially if you have recently laid new sod. The two key elements for a beautiful spring lawn are fertilizer and water. To new lawn sod, that is as important as nutritious food and plenty of water is to the health of our bodies.

Apply Sod Fertilizer in the Fall

Fertilizing in the fall is critical for giving vital nutrients to the lawn through the dormant winter months. Many people choose to apply fertilizer after aeration to help break up the ground that has compacted during the summer. Aeration allows the nutrients from the fertilizer to reach the roots for a stronger and healthier lawn in the spring.

Professional lawn care services can be used to do both the aeration and the fertilizer for proper pH balance and nutrition. A nitrogen-rich fertilizer is recommended and will reduce the chance of thinning and browning grass, helping to produce a lush lawn in the spring.

Watering Grass in the Fall

Because of cooler weather, less water is needed as it won’t evaporate in the hot sun. However, getting the right amount of water is important, especially after Colorado’s warmer-than-normal fall, or even winter, stretches.

Clean up the yard, raking up leaves that could prevent water and nutrients from the sun from reaching the grass. Raking can also pull up thatch – the thick matter that builds up and can kill your lawn. Add some of the raked leaves to a compost pile for spring application.

The Takeaway

Use the mild fall weather to get your lawn ready for spring. It’s a great time to work outside on maintaining your new sod. 

Whether you are needing new sod near you or support with lawn care, contact Emerald Sod today to learn more about the best grass for Colorado, applications, pricing and maintenance.