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7 Ways to Improve Your Backyard - Emerald Sod Farms

Looking to better enjoy your outdoor space, or wanting to get the most bang for your buck when selling your home?  Improving your backyard is a great way to go. Denver’s weather allows for year-round outdoor appreciation (some days more than others) and creating a backyard that allows that appreciation is pretty easy. Here are seven ways you can improve your space, whether a quiet retreat, space to entertain, or simply general aesthetic.

Replace Your Sod

Colorado’s weather can be harsh on grass, especially if it is the wrong type or hasn’t been cared for. A great outdoor plan will put the right type of sod in areas where it can be healthy and plush. Consider xeriscaping for slopes and full sun exposure, and put cool, lush grass in areas where children (or you) play.

Simply adding fresh sod will give your backyard a beautiful appearance, and improve the useable space.  Below are some easy ways to make your Denver home’s outdoor space spectacular.

Add Fire

A firepit naturally invites people to gather and is a very simple addition.  Build in a gas fireplace complete with a seating area, or have friends gather around a portable (or self-installed) wood fire pit, any time of year.

Design a Water Feature

Water features can be as elaborate as a waterfall that becomes a visual centerpiece to your yard, or a simple meditative reflection pond meant just for you. Either way, a water feature can create a new mood for your backyard.

Create Entertainment Space

Want to host bigger get-togethers? Consider an outdoor kitchen or BBQ area complete with a gas grill or range, cabinets, prep area, and sink. Be sure to turn the water off in the cold winter months, but the gas can be on all year for a spontaneous winter dinner or celebratory summer party.

Add a Hot Tub

Like a firepit, a hot tub also adds a year-round feature to be indulged in. Add privacy with a deck and fence, or position it to give you an amazing view of the Rockies, or the perfect sunrise. Make your backyard a private retreat from the world as you soak in your hot tub.

Plant a Garden

Veggies or herbs to cultivate your cooking skills, or flowers and plants to add color and texture, a garden is sure to enhance your outdoor space. Consider fresh sod picnic and sitting areas, stone walking paths, pergolas, or benches to really take it up a notch.

Bring Out the Lights

Often overlooked, outdoor lighting is a true backyard improvement feature worth considering, regardless of other solutions to improve the safety, usability, and appearance of your backyard. Subtle walkway lighting, dramatic feature-focused lights, or even overhead hanging lights, all create a mood unique to themselves, and you.

Decorative string lights can be a simple, festive addition when entertaining.  And bonus, they’re also easy to remove. Permanent lighting fixtures can increase safety and add a warm glow to improve outdoor seating or draw attention to a water feature (or any kind of decorative feature).

If adding or replacing sod is part of your backyard improvement plans, contact the experts at Emerald Sod. They can help you with your plans, including discovering the ideal sod type for your project goals, how much, how to prepare for success, and more. Let Emerald Sod help you to make your backyard improvements today!