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Can You Lay Sod Over Grass - Emerald Sod Farms

Does the thought of weeding, tilling, and watering sound like a fun weekend? Not likely. But, looking at your lawn in its current state is just becoming too much. Maybe the city is leaving you notices or your HOA is complaining – it’s time for a change.

Luckily, laying sod can create a beautiful lawn quickly. But if you are thinking about laying fresh new sod over grass, you’ll want to think again. In order for the new sod to grow properly, the ground must be properly prepared, including:

All Debris Removed

Sodding professionals recommend 2-3” of loose topsoil as the foundation for fresh sod. This means the ground should be free of grass, weeds, roots, rocks, and trash. The roots of the sod need to be able to grab onto nutrients in the soil and the best way to do this is to have a clear surface.

If old grass is still in place, the new sod has no way to make consistent contact with the soil – a critical step required for the sod to survive.

Correct pH and Firmness

Sod has certain conditions for it to grow properly, including using the right type of sod for the climate and sun exposure, as well as the right nutrients and pH balance. Also, if the ground is too hard (clay), the roots of the sod won’t be able to penetrate the ground.

It is not likely that the old grass would have the same nutrient needs as the new sod or you wouldn’t have the need to lay new sod to begin with. Your sod expert can help you determine the right conditions for success with your new lawn.

Proper Saturation for Roots

The freshly cut sod can dry out quickly, so the new sod needs to be installed quickly after being delivered. Once rolled out, it needs to be properly saturated so the roots can avoid dehydration and begin to bear down into the prepared soil.

Laying sod on top of a preestablished lawn means it won’t get water – the water will seep down into the older grass and away from the fresh roots. When this happens, air can become trapped between the layer of old and new grass, further increasing the likelihood of dehydration, resulting in dead sod and wasted time and money.

Need a new lawn fast? Sod can provide that healthy, lush lawn you’ve dreamed of and with a little preparation, you will have a yard to enjoy for years to come. Contact Emerald Sod Farms today to learn more about the areas we serve, the best sod for your project, to get pricing, or to ask your questions of a sod expert.