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Four Reasons for Laying New Sod in the Fall

Fall is the time many people start to “close down” their outdoor activities to get ready for the winter. Our focus turns from outdoor projects to indoor projects. We begin to think about preventing drafts and keeping in warmth. However, if one of your springtime activities includes laying new sod, fall may be the better time to do it. Here’s why:

It’s Dormant

Laying sod in the late fall allows you to avoid the worst of summer heat. While you won’t get the “instant” green lawn from dormant winter sod, you will buy your fresh sod more time to take root, and the root will be stronger. A slow releasing fertilizer will help feed the grass during the winter, so it is lush in the spring.

Deeper Watering

New sod requires lots of moisture to allow the roots and the ground underneath to be saturated 4-6” deep. From there, continuous moisture that is not over or under watered is important. In the fall, the ground only needs to be kept moist for 1-2″ depth, allowing for less water usage.

Creates a Barrier

The right type of sod needs to be installed in the fall in order for it to be durable enough to handle the upcoming winter. The additional benefit is that with it in place, it can protect the area from the harsh erosion that comes with snow and sleet. The grass helps keep soil in place that could be washed away prior to spring’s arrival.

Jump Start

It takes about six weeks for grass to take a firm hold and the seeds to penetrate the ground below with a strong root system. Installing sod in the fall allows the roots structure to be established in time for spring growth. Spring or summer installation can be too hot, or the ground may not be ready, making your sod unusable during the time you want to have your outdoor lawn ready to enjoy.

Laying new sod in the fall requires preparation, the right type of sod, installation, and care, but it leaves you with a healthy, beautiful lawn just in time to enjoy it, while neighbors are still getting their sod or seed to root. Use the winter moisture and early spring to help your sod become strong and beautiful by laying sod in the fall.

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