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At Emerald Sod Farms, we take on a variety of turfgrass projects. Our sod professionals are seasoned at providing the very best sod products Colorado has to offer, and we value the wide selection of clientele we work with. 

Each client brings a new set of experiences and challenges, which is how we’ve become leaders in the sod industry. From our unique sod blends to our various sod installations, we’ve been afforded opportunities that have helped us grow into a sod company that offers more than excellent sod products but also customer service and a logistical team that can’t be matched in the Denver area. 

Let our team of highly trained sod professionals show you how to get the lawn you’ve always hoped for. We have a long list of satisfied customers, and we know we won’t let you down.

ESF Sod Rolls

Emerald Sod Farms turfgrass sod is harvested for your convenience. We offer three different roll sizes to ensure our clientele gets exactly what they need.

• Small rolls of 10 square feet (2 ft x 5 ft)
• Large rolls of 250 square feet (2 ft x 125 ft)
• A pallet of sod contains 54 small rolls (540 square feet)

No project is too big or too small! Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for your lawn and let us exceed your expectations. 

Commercial projects can be large and demanding, but we don’t shy away from that. We’re eager to help you achieve the perfect recreational park grass or vibrant, dark green field. 

After your sod grass is installed, you get an immediate appeal that provides the look and feel you hoped for. Because our commercial sod blends prevent erosion, are Colorado-weather tolerant, are resistant to disease, and stand up to high traffic, you can expect your lawn to look great year-round. 

Some of our best commercial sod blends include:

Fescue Bluegrass Blend Sod
Low Mow Bluegrass Fairway Sod
Texas Hybrid Sod

Enjoying your yard is a necessity in Colorado because the weather is often sunny, and the temperatures are often mild. At Emerald Sod Farms, we want you to have perfection when it comes to your outdoor lifestyle at home.

Whether you need a sodded area for your dogs to play, your kids to kick around the ball, or your family to entertain, we are experts in making it all possible while still having that beautiful lawn you want.

Our team can help you determine the best choice of sod for any area. We consider sun, heat, shade, and use so you can feel confident knowing your lawn will stay happy and healthy all year. 

Some of our best residential sod blends include:

Bluegrass Blend Sod
Texas Hybrid Sod
Fescue Bluegrass Blend Sod

ESF Sod Projects and Clientele

Whether you’re looking for great-looking, resilient sod for your backyard or you need a stunning, green lawn for your putting greens; we can make it happen. Our Denver sod company has worked with various customers, but all want the same thing: a beautiful, lush, green yard.

Emerald Sod Farms Penn A4 Bentgrass Sod

Our sod team works with various Denver area builders who rely on us to help them put the final touches on their new builds. Whether house or business, we know the importance of curb appeal, and we provide it. 

Our turfgrass experts will give their insight into the land and the area, so these new builds get a fast, effective, healthy, long-lasting dose of warmth and charm through our sod blends. 

Depending on the nature of the building project, many of our blends will meet the needs of the area to be sodded.

Colorado is known for some tremendous golfing, and we’re proud to be part of that reputation. From tees to greens to fairways, we know precisely what it takes to make any golf course look elegant. 

Let our team find the flawless blend you need. Our turfgrass blends are aggressive, hold their color through turbulent weather, and control pest and weed problems. With proper care, your ESF golf course sod will last for years. 

Some of our best golf course sod blends include:

Low Mow Bluegrass Fairway Sod
Penncross Bentgrass Sod
Penn A4  Bentgrass Sod
T1 Bentgrass Sod

Each ESF sod blend is designed to withstand different elements and exposures. Allow our sod professionals to help you find the best to fit your lawn and lawn care needs and goals.

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