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6 Common Mistakes in Colorado Sod Maintenance - Emerald Sod Farms

Even low-maintenance sod needs care, and the success of your healthy, lush, beautiful Colorado grass depends on it. For the best results, you’ll want to avoid these six common mistakes in sod maintenance.

Mowing Mistakes

Over-mowing. When grass blades are cut too short, they aren’t able to absorb as much sunshine, which is essential for growth. Never cut more than a third of the lawn’s height in a single mowing, and keep it at 2-3″ in height. Cutting it too short can weaken the root system and cause the soil to dry out, especially in the dry Colorado weather. This can also promote weed growth.

Using dull blades. Dull lawn mower blades can tear grass blades which encourages disease. It can also make the grass tips dry and brown, which is both unhealthy and not attractive. Sharpen your mower blades yearly.

Watering Mistakes

Over-watering. Even though Colorado is very dry, lawns don’t need to be watered daily. Water “deeper” rather than more frequently to encourage root growth. About a third of an inch of water, three times a week that saturates the turf grass sod is better than running water throughout the day.

Watering at the wrong time. Colorado can be subject to drought conditions, so conserving water is important. Try to water in the morning, before the heat of the day, and avoid watering when it rains. If you miss a morning, water in the evening, after 7 pm to avoid evaporation.

Fertilizing Mistakes

Over-fertilization. Use a slow-release fertilizer that is recommended by your sod professionals based on your grass and soil types. Consider a self-mulching mower to leave grass clippings behind which act as a free nitrogen-rich fertilizer. This can keep yard waste out of landfills and also reduce the need for additional fertilization by a fourth.

Bad timing. Spring and fall are the best times to fertilize, and even and appropriate amounts should be used to avoid burns or stripes. After your final mowing in the fall is a great time to fertilize to help promote root growth and encourage a great spring lawn.

Caring for your sod doesn’t have to be hard, but using the right kind for your needs is important to keep it beautiful. Whether you are needing new sod or support with sod care, contact Emerald Sod today to learn more about the best sod for Colorado, applications, pricing, areas we serve, and sod maintenance.