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Your Sod FAQs Answered - Emerald Sod Farms

Emerald Sod Farms in Commerce City is the premier sod farm in Colorado. With over 25 years in the industry, we want to help you make the best decisions for your sod project and we’re starting you off with these 5 frequently asked questions.

Is Sod Different Than Grass?

Sod is grass that is specifically grown to be transplanted. It is grown in sections held together by roots and carefully removed from the ground once it is mature. It is rolled up fresh when it is ready to be installed. To install it, you simply roll it out on prepared soil, and care for it according to the company’s directions for the specific conditions you have.

When is the Best Time to Install Sod?

The best time to install sod is either the spring or the fall, due to the cooler temperatures needed to properly water the sod for it to take root. The type of sod, as well as the project, can help the sod experts determine the best time for installation.

Should I Plant Grass Seed or Install Sod?

The answer to this depends on your specific situation and timeline. While seed is less expensive than sod, it also needs quite a bit more care than sod to take root. It may be best to start over from scratch if your lawn is more than 50% problematic (bald, weedy). How quickly you want to have grass will also be a decision maker – seed is put over the lawn, where sod is simply installed.

What is the Best Sod?

The best sod has everything to do with the climate, the amount of shade, and the extent of use the sod will be exposed to. Speak to one of our sod experts to determine the best sod for your project. Options in Colorado include: Bluegrass Blends, Texas Hybrid, Bentgrass varieties, Low Mow Fairway, ESF Fescue/Bluegrass Blend, and other specialty grass upon request.

Is it Hard to Maintain Sod?

Seed, as mentioned, is sprinkled over the lawn, watered and nurtured, while sod needs the ground prepared and the sod watered appropriately. While “set it and forget” doesn’t exactly apply, sod is far less maintenance than seed and provides an instant lawn.

Overall, keeping it watered, cut to the correct height, and proper preparation of the soil will make it easier to maintain.

Veteran-owned Emerald Sod Farms takes pride in our turf grass sod quality and we’re ready to help you have the beautiful, lush, healthy grass you desire. Call us today for a quote or with any questions we can answer for you.