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We recently received a question from a potential customer about whether it was too late to lay sod for their active family to enjoy this summer. Our answer: no, it’s not too late! In fact, spring is the best time for laying new sod to enjoy in the summertime! 

It’s important you don’t immediately trample the sod after you lay it, as that could cause damage, but spring sod placement is perfect. Here are some tips to make laying sod for the summer most effective. 

Tips for Laying Sod for This Summer in Colorado

Choose the best sod for YOU

There is plenty of information about the best types of sod but, honestly, the best type of sod will depend on your specific needs. Colorado’s dry climate and year-round weather swings of highs and lows mean certain grasses thrive better here. Also, your yard may have full sun, full shade or a mixture, and this can impact what type of sod will do best. Finally, the type of ground you have, such as the pH levels, soil hardness (clay) and compaction all matter.

In general, the best type of sod for your yard in this region are Bluegrass or Texas Hybrid blends. Our Colorado Sod Farm specialists can help you determine what type of grass is best for the amount of activity it will experience, the amount of care that you are able to provide, and the other factors mentioned here.

Properly Prepare the Ground

Poor preparation is one of the leading causes for sod to fail. New sod has the ability to provide a quick, beautiful lawn. But, if the ground isn’t properly prepared or the installation is done poorly, you run the risk of wasting time and money when the sod fails to root, turns brown, or dies.

Preparing the ground includes clearing the dirt of any yard waste, leveling it to prevent sags and air pockets, and watering. The pH should be checked and balanced and nutrients should be added, if needed, to support the sod’s growth.

Grading issues, over-or under-watering, and unprepared soil can all contribute to unhealthy lawns. Once the new sod is delivered, it’s important it stays cool and is installed as soon as possible. Allowing it to overheat can result in permanent damage.

Be ready for maintenance

Once the sod is installed, regular watering is critical. For the first month, watering needs to be well-monitored and foot traffic should stay off the grass for a few weeks. Healthy, green grass should be watered deeply and grass blades should be kept about 3” to keep moisture from evaporating too quickly.

Once the sod has taken root, you are free to enjoy your beautiful new lawn. Pets can enjoy the soft area for running and resting. Children can play soccer on the cool grass. Host guests for an outdoor picnic complete with yard games. The yard will hold up to your busy, outdoor lifestyle, especially if you begin laying sod now for this summer in Colorado.

A beautiful yard is easy when you lay fresh sod! Quicker and easier than grass seed, your new sod will instantly improve the appearance of your home, as well as its outdoor comfort. If you are looking for new lawn sod, contact Emerald Sod today to learn more about the areas we serve as well as the best sod for Colorado, applications, installation, and pricing.