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Colorado has weather other states dream of. The range of seasons guarantees everyone, from golfers to snow skiers, gets their favorite activities in. The dramatic temperature changes make for some stunning scenery, but those temps can take a toll on your yard. One of the most important steps to ensuring your grass stays healthy and lush all year is a proper sod installation.

Sod is a term used to describe rolls of grass with roots intact. Using sod minimizes the challenges of growing grass from seed. It provides immediate curb appeal and makes for an efficient way of getting your perfect yard quickly. However, if not installed right, all that hard work may have been for naught. 

This post goes over all you need to know about sod installs in Colorado, so read on to learn more.

How to Install Sod

Installing sod isn’t incredibly difficult if you know what you’re doing. Working with professional sod installers will be the fastest way to get your yard set up the right way; however, if you’re more of a DIYer, follow the below steps on how to install sod.

  • Fertilize the soil with about four yards per thousand square feet of a compost or planters mix. No need to water or do anything other than let the fertilizer sit so it can connect with the sod once laid. Emerald Sod Farms keeps our sod heavily fertilized, so keep in mind that more is not always better as it will burn the roots of your new sod.
  • Start laying the sod near an edge, such as a fence or driveway, to keep cutting at a minimum. If on a hill, be sure to start at the bottom and work up. 
  • Lay sod in a brick pattern so the lines of sod go undetected, and always pull the sod tightly so the seams are close with no space between the rolls. Space or overlap will cause damage to the grass. If you see spaces without sod, simply cut a piece to the correct size and lay it in. 
  • As you finish one installation area, quickly start to water that area while you continue to lay sod in another location. This is incredibly important due to Colorado’s dry weather, so consider laying the sod while the site is shaded to minimize damage. Watering your grass in the sun’s heat may lead to evaporation and the roots not getting the water they need. 


The best time of year to lay sod is in the spring and fall seasons; however, it can be done in other seasons. Working with a professional to determine the kind of sod to use, the amount needed, and the best time to do it will benefit a successful process.

Professional Sod Installation

Whether you live or work in the mountains, near the mesa, or downtown, your lawn can thrive. Sod installation specialists in Colorado understand the landscape and weather and offer their experience, know-how, and services to ensure your project is completed competently. 

An experienced Denver sod company can offer their sod installation services to several kinds of customers, including:

Getting the optimal sod installation services is a critical part of the space you’re creating. Your sod company can help with numerous install solutions, including:

  • What sod to use
  • Pricing
  • Measurements
  • Sod delivery
  • Fertilization
  • Sod and ground preparation
  • Clean up 
  • And more

There’s a lot that goes into sod laying, but you don’t have to manage it alone. Get high-quality sod installation services to make the process quick, easy, and successful.

Contact Emerald Sod Farms for Sod Installation

Knowing how to prepare and install sod properly is vital to its survival. If you’re investing in a beautiful lawn, let our sod experts provide you with the necessary education, services, and resources. 

Emerald Sod Farms wants to help you achieve and maintain the beautiful lawn you desire using experienced sod-laying solutions and knowledgeable teams. 

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