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How to Care for Heat-Resistant Sods

If you’ve lived in Colorado for any length of time, you know that we have dry weather all year long. Summers are both hot and dry which leads to quick evaporation and “fried” grass. While some people get creative and xeriscape or put a patio in full sun areas, it may be more your style to use that area for playing in green grass. One way to make this happen is with heat-resistant sod.

What is Heat-Resistant Sod?

A beautifully green lawn isn’t impossible in Colorado. If you want a yard to throw around a football, play fetch with your dog, or entertain on a hot day, a lush lawn is ideal. However, yards with full sun, or even portions of the lawn that face the full sun, can be difficult to maintain if they aren’t the right type of grass.

Sunny and active yards require warm-season grasses or heat-resistant sod. This type of grass prefers warmer temperatures and keeps the ground cool – perfect for playing!

The Best Sod for Full Sun

Your first step is always talking to a sod expert who can help determine the best sod for your goals, soil type, and climate, such as shade and sun needs. 


While considered a cool-season grass, Bluegrass is popular in Colorado as it goes dormant during dry spells and can grow tall, creating a beautiful, lush lawn.

Tall Fescue

A cool-season grass, Tall Fescue is more drought-tolerant than Bluegrass. The deep root system tolerates shade but also flourishes in full sun.

How to Care for Heat-Resistant Sod

Caring for heat-resistant sod will vary slightly depending on factors that impact your specific lawn. Shade, watering habits, sunlight, mowing, and pest exposure can all play a role in the upkeep and maintenance of your yard.

Mowing with a sharp blade and keeping grass around 2” high will help keep moisture in during dry summer months. Adequate watering to a depth of 1” during the cool part of the day will also help the roots get the moisture they need to prosper and stay healthy.

Looking for more sod tips? Our sod experts are here to help! We service all over Colorado and provide sod products and installation services in Denver, Front Range, and surrounding states. Whether you are needing new sod or support with sod care, contact Emerald Sod Farms today to learn more about the best sod for Colorado, applications, pricing, and sod maintenance.