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New sod can make your home and landscaping look great.

But to keep it that way, it takes maintenance.  That’s where finding the right lawn mower makes a difference.  Whether you are in the market for your first lawn mower or a replacement here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. The size of your lawn matters when choosing a lawn mower. For example, a riding mower is ideal for a yard that’s a half acre or larger while a push mower is a better size for smaller yards.
  2. What type of lawn and yard do you have? Besides the size, do you have other landscaping to work around? Is the lot mostly flat or is it uphill? Are there narrow stretches to work around as you mow? You’ll want to consider these factors as you choose your options.
  3. Consider price, size, and types of lawn mowers within each given category.


Lawn Mower Categories

  • Riding lawn mowers, usually $1,000 and up, are a good option for larger lawns (half acre and up) as we mentioned earlier. You’ll want to look for one that’s a smooth ride, and you’ll want to know where they motor, blade, and other parts are located on them. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instruction to maintain the riding lawn mower over time.
  • A manual reel or old-fashioned lawn maker costs about $100, but you’ll need to know how to push it properly to make it work and manually pick up the cut grass. While they are the quietest option they require effort to push and maneuver.  These can be good option for smaller yards.
  • Gas engine lawn mowers usually cost $100 to $250 (sometimes more) and can mow tall grass and weeds, too. They can offer a lot of power to get the job done.  You’ll need to know how to start the gas mower properly, and factor in buying gas for it and how to maintain parts over time.  These, too, can be a good option for smaller yards.
  • Corded electric lawn mowers, about $200 to $300, allow you to mow your lawn in a clean, efficient manner without using gasoline. However, one trade-off is that you must plug in the mower before you start and work around the cord as you go. With a plug-in option, you never have to worry about losing power to the mower if an electrical plug is available.  Corded electric mowers are also a good option for smaller yards.
  • Cordless electric mowers, usually $300 to $400, allow you to mow your lawn without using gas or a cord. Instead they depend on a powered battery.  Before you begin to mow your lawn, the battery needs to be charged.  Just like old-fashioned mowers, cordless electric mowers tend to be on the quieter end, but the flip side is that you must have the battery charged to mow your lawn.  This means that your mowing time can be limited by the battery’s capacity, and over time you may need to replace the battery to keep your lawn mower working.  Cordless electric lawn mowers are also a good option for smaller lawns.


Whatever type of lawn mower you choose, it’s a good idea to learn how to handle the device properly and to get a sense for how much push and effort it will take ahead of time.  This can help you to choose the right lawn mower for you and one that will work best for your lawn.

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