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How to Revive a Drought-stricken Lawn - Emerald Sod Farms

In Colorado, not only do we have we have very dry summers but, something many people don’t realize is that our winters are also very dry.  It’s important to know how to care for your lawn as well as how to revive a drought-stricken lawn if it has gotten to that point. Our average temperatures fluctuate, regardless of season, and with our recent mild winters, we, and our yards, have certainly felt the impact. According to Drought.com, about 84% of Coloradans, or 4.2 million residents are currently experiencing drought conditions.

“The U.S. Natural Resources Conservation Service reported snow in the southwestern Colorado mountains ranged from just 35 to 48 percent of the long-term average.” Source: Denver Post

How to Revive a Drought-stricken Lawn

A drought is a shortage of water due to lack of rainfall. Lack of rainfall, along with Colorado’s water restrictions, it’s important to know how to care for your yard and even how to revive a drought-stricken lawn.

Here are some steps you can take:

Be Proactive

First, understanding Colorado’s dry weather means having the right type of materials to create your landscaping. Xeriscaping with the right rocks and plants, as well as using the best sod to create soft areas, are critical.

It’s important to not only use the best sod for the region, but also to have the soil in the right condition. Even top-quality sod can fail if the soil isn’t properly prepared, so set a good foundation from the start.

Check Your Mower

Your mower blades should be above 3″ in height as the longer grass will help maintain moisture by providing shade. Your mower blades should also be sharp as dull blades can damage the grass and create the need for even more water.

Aerate and Water Smart

Aeration puts small holes in your lawn that allows more water and nutrients to reach its roots. Water once every three days to saturate the ground, rather than small amounts every day. Water in the coolest part of the day, such as dusk and dawn.  

Clean, Fertilize and Seed

Clear all debris from your grass including leaves, trash and pine needles. Fertilize the healthy grass and consider seeding any bald spots. For large patches of missing grass, considering adding new sod to the area, ensuring the soil is ready to nurture the lawn.

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