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5 Sod FAQs Answered by our Emerald Sod Experts

How is Sod Grown?

Veteran-owned Emerald Sod Farm professionally waters, fertilizes, mows, and harvests organic quality grass sod on our farm in Commerce City, Colorado. We do the hard work of starting with and nurturing grass seed so you don’t have to!

The Colorado Department of Agriculture certifies our weed, pest, and disease-free grass on an annual basis to ensure you get the best quality sod around. Once cut, we roll the grass strips into bundles for fast installation. Because sod needs to be installed quickly after being cut, we cut it fresh when you order.

Is Sod Better Than Grass Seed?

We believe sod is better than grass seed because it creates much faster results and less care than grass seed. Check out this blog to learn three benefits of sod versus seed.

Does the Type of Sod Matter?

Yes, you want to choose the right sod for your project in order for it to be successful, meaning that it stays alive and lush. Your local sod farmer is going to have the best sod, in general, as it is already being grown in the climate in which you live, unlike those you can purchase online or from large retailers.

Native grasses will do best, but also consider how much water, sun/shade, traffic, and the season to determine the best sod. Our sod professionals can offer their expertise to help you determine the perfect fit.

What Kind of Prep Work Do I Need to Do Before Installing Sod?

In general, we recommend clearing and leveling the area where the grass will be placed. Weed killer and topsoil is suggested as well as proper grading and the set-up of watering overlap. Preparing for sod is extremely important and your new lawn will benefit from it.

What is the BEST way to keep my lawn lush?

There are several ongoing steps to keeping a healthy, green lawn. In Colorado, it tends to be very dry, so proper watering (think deep), fertilizing, weed and crabgrass management, and mowing with sharp blades leaving grass at 3-3 ½” will help. If you run into problems, your local sod experts, Emerald Sod Farm, can help. Just give us a call!

Caring for your sod doesn’t have to be hard, but using the right kind for your needs is important to keep it beautiful. Whether you are needing new sod, or support with sod care, contact Emerald Sod today to learn more about the best sod for Colorado, applications, areas we serve, and pricing.