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How to Care for New Sod in Spring - Emerald Sod Farms

In February, your grass is still dormant from the winter, but weeds will begin to sprout once spring arrives, so now is the time to be proactive by applying a pre-emergent herbicide. After March 1st, you will need to use a post-emergent herbicide to kill visible, sprouted weeds.

What is a Pre-emergent Herbicide?

Pre-emergent herbicides are a lawn care product designed to be applied to the ground to prevent weeds and crabgrass. It is a proactive measure that stops weed sprouts at the seeding stage, before they emerge. It should be applied before the warmer spring soil temperatures, when sod is still dormant.

Weed seeds can live for a long time, making the need for a pre-emergent herbicide application critical, and February 15th- March 1st is the ideal time to show your lawn this Valentine’s love. Like an insurance policy for your lawn, a pre-emergent herbicide supports your lawn’s healthy, weed-free lushness. Apply it to the full lawn for the most effective results.

If you installed sod in the fall, apply your pre-emergent herbicide prior to your springtime aeration.

What is a Post-emergent Herbicide?

While pre-emergent herbicides are applied before weed seeds sprout, post emergent herbicides are applied to existing weeds in order to kill them. Often post-emergent herbicides will be applied with fertilizers in the spring. Don’t apply fertilizer to lawn until a soil test is done, as proper soil pH is crucial for sod to grow.

When is the Best Time for New Sod?

If you are ready to start over with your yard by installing new sod, spring and fall are the best times as they offer cooler weather when the sod is ready to grow deep roots. Your sod specialists can offer advice on the best sod to use for your specific project.

Lawn care should include proper mowing, fertilization, watering and irrigation, aeration, weed management, and the correct sod for the region.  If you are looking for new lawn sod, contact Emerald Sod today to learn more about the best sod for Colorado, applications, areas we serve, and pricing; as well as offering tips for the best lawn you can get.