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Ensure Your Sod Stays Healthy Year-Round - Seasonal Lawn Guide

As a homeowner, your lawn is one area of household maintenance that takes year-round care to stay healthy, beautiful, and usable. It adds to the home’s curb appeal as well as your enjoyment whether for kids at play, gardening, or entertaining – yourself or friends.

To ensure your sod stays healthy, here are tips for every season:


In Colorado, March and April can still bring snow as well as mild temperatures. Don’t get too anxious to turn on sprinkler systems until there have been two weeks of dry weather. Spring is a great time to fertilize (if you didn’t do it in the fall) and begin anti-weed or anti-crab grass treatments. 

Early spring is also a good time to aerate your lawn. If you choose to mow, avoid cutting grass shorter than about two and a half inches tall, go ahead and get scheduled to have your mower blades sharpened.

Spring is also the best time to lay new sod if you are looking to replace or repair large areas with fresh grass. Temperatures and precipitation will determine when the time is best. Our sod experts can help you decide the best type of sod, ground preparation, and timing for installation.


The summertime is when our lawns are typically getting the most use. Watering becomes increasingly important and the right amount of water matters. Many people tend to set sprinkler systems on automatic, but lawns should be watered according to what they need. Watching natural precipitation and checking the health of the lawn will help.

Water during the coolest part of the day, usually before 10 am to reduce evaporation. Keep grass a bit longer to keep moisture in. Mowing with sharp blades and watering sufficiently will lower the chances of disease.


The need for mowing may slow down in the fall, but the need for watering doesn’t. Continue to water even as the cooler weather comes in, as the dry Colorado weather can have a negative effect on your lawn. Neglecting watering at this time of year can welcome pests, disease, and weeds.

Fall is a good time to fertilize once again. Weeds removed during this time (root and all) are less likely to return in the spring, so address those now as well. And, whether or not you did it in the spring, now is a good time to give some oxygen to the lawn with aeration.


As fall turns into winter, it is a good idea to clean up the yard, raking it free of leaves and debris that could cause mold, rot, and damage to the grass. Winter watering is often neglected but is an important task in Colorado’s dry winters. Water only on warmer days that are over 40 degrees.

Emerald Sod Farm wants everyone to experience the joy of a healthy, beautiful lawn and gets the quality sod installation job done in multiple areas we serve. Let our sod experts provide you the information you need for lawn tips, sod installation, specialty grass, and more. Contact us today to speak to one of our sod experts and begin creating the lush lawn you desire.