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5 Ideas for Landscaping with Quality Sod - Emerald Sod Farms

Considering landscaping sod installation? Using quality sod when landscaping your yard offers several creative and unique ways to produce an instant and lush lawn. Your yard could become a work of art with the following ideas.

Garden Seating

Using sod in a garden seating schematic could be something as simple as using it to border a flower garden and adding stylish benches. But a new, more creative trend is making use of landscaping sod installation by making furniture from grass itself. This allows for a cool, comfortable, and unique place to relax in your garden.

There are a couple of ways to achieve sod-based garden seating. The method you choose will be based on your personal needs and style.

If you are wanting to guarantee the piece of furniture you create maintains a rigid park bench or patio chair type shape, you should start with bricks. After insuring your surface is level, the bricks can be arranged in the shape you desire, covered with soil, and then “upholstered” with sod. Once the grass is securely lined onto your soil covered framework, it should be watered.  You should refrain from sitting on your new garden furniture for about 2-3 days while the roots take hold.

Create any type of seating you would like including benches, chairs, couches… whatever you can imagine. And, yes, your sod furniture will grow, just like your lawn, but can be kept neat and trim using a set of hedge clippers.  You now have garden seating that expels oxygen, and not many people can say that!

Gateways and Sectioned Yards

If you have a large yard, specifically a large backyard, you may want to consider a gateway arch. A gateway arch is a beautiful conversation piece that can give your yard a “sectioned” feel. Common placement for such a landscaping sod installation would be between a grassy yard area and a flower garden, much like a gateway to your very own secret garden.

To build a gateway arch from sod, you must start with a wooden arch framework. You can choose any shape to cover your archway, from a nice smooth sloped shape, to a dramatic arch. Fill the frame with some good soil, then have the sod placed on it and watered. Once the roots have taken, you can add other plants such as hanging flowers or vines.

You can also use quality sod to create smaller sections in a large back yard, for instance, a pool deck area bordered by sod or path from it to a bbq area. Playground areas or spaces counter to hard surfaces that are made of sod create soft, cool, and pleasant areas… especially to bare feet.

Landscaping Sod Installation Patterns/Designs

Using quality sod to create patterns in your yard is another fun and functional idea for landscaping. Perfect for any size yard,  you can use alternating sod and paver stones to create your perfect look. Create a sunburst radiating from your deck or a checkerboard pattern from your patio to your fence. How about a Nautilus shell swirl coming out from a fire pit? The patterns and designs are endless.

Again, once the sod has taken root, you can add rustic wooden seating features or incorporate other outdoor space elements.

Great landscaping starts with high quality sod available locally, and Emerald Sod has just what you need for an amazing feature you can be proud of. Call us today for a quote or for more information on your landscaping sod installation project.