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Do I Need to Water My Lawn in the Winter?

Our winters are very dry in Colorado. And our January and February weather causes the most winter damage to our lawns. Proper watering is essential all year, but most people forget just how important it is in the colder months.

While you don’t need to spend as much time on your lawn in the winter as you do during other times of the year, it shouldn’t be neglected. Watering your lawn helps to protect against pests and diseases such as spider mites and snow mold.

Here are a few tips for winter watering:

Water approximately one inch deep.

Water slowly so it absorbs deep into the soil.

Choose a warm winter day above forty degrees. This is common in Colorado, so be aware of the nice weather days and take advantage of them.

Use a hose with a nozzle during the middle of the day so the water can absorb before the ground freezes at night. Remove the hose from the spigot so it doesn’t freeze overnight and cause water damage.

Before the Winter Comes Next Year

If you weren’t prepared for this winter, or haven’t yet experienced a winter with your new lawn, you’ll want to prepare for next year. Plan on clearing the yard of any leaves, pine needles, and debris before the first frost or snow. This is important to prevent rot or suffocation of your grass. Find out how frost can hurt new sod

If you didn’t aerate your lawn before the winter, you may want to consider it next fall, before the first freeze. This will help it better absorb water and nutrients during the dormant winter months. It also helps loosen up any compaction through the year, giving it a chance to oxygenate. Fertilize after aeration to give your lawn a nutrient-rich feeding before it goes dormant. 

Need more healthy lawn tips? Considering new sod in the spring? Emerald Sod Farms is here to help you achieve the lush, healthy, beautiful lawn you desire in the Denver, Rocky Mountain, and Front Range areas. Give one of our sod experts a call today to begin planning your project or to get more information.