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Can I Lay Sod in the Winter - Emerald Sod Farms

A luscious green lawn can take any yard to the next level, providing curb appeal whether we plan to sell it or not. Many homes that are newly constructed or looking to go on the market in the spring may not have the attractive lawn that will get a buyer’s attention, or at least not their highest offer. But is laying sod in the winter okay?

What is sod?

Many of us don’t know enough about sod or grass to understand how to achieve the lawn of our dreams. Knowing a few key things can help when trying to recognize the yard’s potential.

Sod, or turf, is simply grass rolled up with its roots intact. Sod makes having a beautiful lawn more attainable by removing the guesswork that seeding the lawn requires. But, while it makes it easier to see your lawn take shape, there are also important things to be aware of to keep your turf healthy.

When is the best time of the year to plant sod?

Without question, the best time to plant sod is in the spring. But, some circumstances call for land being sodded in the winter. This doesn’t mean the lawn can’t be magnificent; it just means you’ll need some backup from specialists like those at Emerald Sod Farms.

So, indeed, laying sod in the winter is possible; however, more often than not, professionals will need to provide some help and insight in order to do it properly. 

An expert can help navigate the best sod for the property’s specific needs and is a valuable asset in caring for the investment. A sod specialist can inform you of the different types of sod, which part of the year they are dormant, and how to best care for it (especially in the dormant winter).

Knowing the right type of sod to use and how to properly prepare to lay the sod is critical in its survival. If you invest in a gorgeous spring lawn while it is still dormant and yellow, you want to make sure to set it up for success, so you don’t waste time and money doing it again in the spring.

When it comes to money, no one wants to waste it. We want to be sure that if we invest in a big, beautiful lawn, that’s what we’re going to get! Having one of our sod professionals teach you what you need to do and how to do it is important, and that’s precisely why the sod experts at Emerald Sod Farms provide education and resources.

Emerald Sod Farms wants to help you achieve the beautiful lawn you desire, whatever the time of year. Give one of our sod experts a call today to begin planning your project or to get more information about the areas we serve.